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Ventilation System with the Help from CERF+


In 2018, I received a Get-Ready Grant from CERF+ to create a ventilation system in my current studio. 

For this, I purchased a Panasonic In-Line Ventilation fan... a high-quality quiet unit. My studio is in our first-floor bedroom, and my soldering station is in the bathroom. At first, my husband and I tried to connect to the existing bathroom ventilation system, but with the structural space limitation in the wall and the existing duct size, it was not feasible. We decided to cut holes in the walls to connect the duct from the bedroom to the bathroom, and then routed the duct outside via a window. We brainstormed various ways to connect the duct to the existing system to vent outside, but that would have required professional help, which would have gone beyond our budget. 


The link to CERF+:




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